Patience Requested
In the wake of the Nashville Predators‘ abrupt end-of-season last night, losing to the Phoenix Coyotes 2-1, I began writing my typically long response to the teams’ Stanley Cup Western Conference Semifinal Series and the premature abbreviation of Nashville’s long and hopeful season, but then thought better of it. What I would have said, still in the heat of the Coyotes series-clinching Game 5 victory, would neither have been fair to myself or to my readers. I needed more time to process it all, and I still do.

I’ve made no pretense about what this blog is; and what it is is a chronicle of my personal observations regarding the Predators, delivered in as objective and fair a way as someone in my position, with my personality, and my perspective as a fan and season ticket-holder of the team can deliver. I think most people who read this blog understand that.

That won’t change, now or in the future. However, that’s the main reason I have yet to weigh in on the Predators untimely demise and probably won’t until tomorrow at the earliest, after I’ve truly had time to process everything and my own emotions have settled down. I request patience from my readers and as always, appreciate your support.

At this point, like many others, I’m angry; however it is anger tempered with realism, and with respect for all those involved on both sides of this very interesting battle of organizations built on nearly identical philosophies.

And of course, the hardest part, as always, will be the fallout. There are no easy answers for the Preds and this will not be an easy summer. Nevertheless, the team will survive, and I believe, will learn from this experience and move forward.

That’s all I have to say for the moment, except to wish the Phoenix Coyotes the best of luck from this point forward in their quest for the Stanley Cup. I’ll be cheering for them,  not because they beat ‘my team’ but because of the way they did it, and for the way they’ve reached their current standing in the NHL; they’ve done it the right way and Head Coach Dave Tippett and Co. deserve all the praise that they’re receiving.

I’ll have more to say about that, along with a lot of other things, later in the week.


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