Treatise Interruptus

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Back Up the Truck.
Oye. Sometimes it seems I just get a little further ahead of myself than I should.

Hi there. If you’re here looking for the first part of, “Still More Tough Luck for the ‘Other’ Other Guys: The Fans,” that I posted on Monday, well, unfortunately it had to be sent back to the garage, pending a few bugs being worked out.

Alas, in hindsight, my decision to begin posting another lengthy, multi-part story that was not only far from being finished overall, but for which I had yet to even compose a complete outline, was a poor one.

Typically, prior to posting any part of a lengthy story, I’ll finish at least 90% of the entire thing in order to more intelligently divide it up into digestible parts; that way I know the story is readable in its entirety and that my point is (hopefully) clear. Then, the only thing I then have left to write is the final conclusion. However, this time I’m afraid I allowed my stream-of-consciousness style to get the better of me.

I suppose it’s just that after writing this thing off and on for the past two weeks I was antsy to get something out there; I figured I could just construct it as I went along.


I realized today that my launch was more than just a bit premature, as upon further reflection, the opening part I posted yesterday read a whole lot worse online than it did in my head, originally.

So I’ve decided to pull it until I have a better overall handle on exactly how to deal with the fairly large swath of subject matter I’m tackling – or at least until I can come up with a completed outline for the darned thing.

Hopefully, in the end it will be something that you’ll agree was worth the wait. I certainly believe that it’s a subject that deserves to be delivered in a proper manner.

More to come – soon (honest).


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