The New Third Jerseys Weren’t The Only Things That Were Black & Blue

Bad Gravy In a game that offered a veritable smorgasbord of Thanksgiving puns and clichés, The St. Louis Blues appeared to have eaten a little less turkey than their hosts from Music City Friday night as the Bluenotes snapped the Predators seven-game win streak, 3-1, at the NashvilleGaylordEntertainmetSommetCenter Arena. And don’t EVEN get me started […]
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Just A’ Sittin’ Here, Thankin’

Gotta houseful of family and friends here at Casa AJ today, celebrating our country’s traditional annual holiday in which we count the blessings we have — and sometimes don’t always deserve. I just wanted to jot out a quick post to express a few things that I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving Day of 2009: I’m […]
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Full of It

The Predators’ Cup Runneth Over No, I’m not talkin’ Stanley Cup; I’m talkin’ outlook; I’m talkin’ confidence; I’m talkin’ belief. Some say the glass is half-empty; some say it’s half-full. Right now all the Nashville Predators are saying is OMG, SOMEBODY GET SOME PAPER TOWELS! WE GOTTA GUSHER HERE! Well… maybe they’re not saying it, […]
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Another Statement of Fact

The Empire Strikes Back (Again) While your friend and mine, Dirk Hoag, a.k.a. The Forechecker, may not be quite ready to commit to the same level of optimism as his bombastic neighbor down the street, said crazy neighbor will proclaim it once again: The Nashville Predators are who we thought they were, and they are […]
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They Are Who We Thought They Were…We Hope (Part 2 of 2)

Where the rubber meets the road Never let it be said that I’m silly enough to believe four games does a season make, but with the Nashville Predators’ recent resurgence, now winners of eight out of their last ten, including the last four straight, has to make one wonder how, if, as I suggested yesterday, […]
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They Are Who We Thought They Were…We Hope (Part 1 of 2)

Somewhere, Denny Green is smiling. Back in 2006, the former head coach of the NFL’s Phoenix Cardinals, Dennis Green, treated us to one of the all-time classic post-game meltdown sound bytes, evAR in the history of electronic communication. In commenting on his team’s performance versus the Chicago Bears, a game in which the Cardinals coughed […]
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Thursday Thoughts

A few various and sundry thoughts as the Nashville Predators embark on a four-game Western Conference road trip that first runs the ‘Hotel California’ gauntlet before ending up in St .Louis… All said, it will be a tough stretch for a team out to prove that 13 games into the season they’ve finally found their […]
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What’s It Gonna Be, Preds? Trick or Treat?

As I make this long overdue re-entry into the Preds blog world, I guess I owe you guys a bit of an explanation as to where I’ve been for the past four weeks. Allow me to just say that there’s been a lot of upheaval in my personal life recently and there were things that […]
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For the NHL’s Sake, Let’s Hope This is The Great One-And-Done (Part 2 of 2)

Blind Nationalism with a Cherry on Top While there have been a few summaries critical of the Gretzky era in Phoenix, what I found to be utterly amazing were the reports expressing surprise or even sympathy for his decision to step down from the Coyotes head coaching position. Although the reaction has been highly mixed […]
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For the NHL’s Sake, Let’s Hope This is The Great One-And-Done (Part 1 of 2)

Mixed Emotions Did’ja ever feel like you had to say something that you didn’t really want to say? Not because it wasn’t true, but because you just didn’t want to step on toes? That’s kinda how I feel right now, and why it’s taken nearly 24 hours longer for me to get this story posted […]
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