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The $56.3 Million Question: How To Keep The Big 3 Intact? (Part 2/2)

Back in WW II, there was a saying, “Loose lips sink ships.” Did Head Coach Barry Trotz‘s ‘Match Statement’ damage David Poile’s efforts to get an affordable long-term deal done with Shea Weber prior to arbitration? Was it a slip of the tongue or a statement spoken out of foreknowledge as to the extent of […]
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You May Call It Greed; I Call It Tough Love (Part (1/2)

Has Nashville Predators Captain, Shea Weber sold his navy-and-gold soul to the almighty dollar? Preds fans have been searching for weeks trying to figure out how he circumstances involving Weber’s eventual record-breaking $7.5 million contract could possibly have gotten so out of hand. (photo: Yahoo Sports/PuckDaddy) Sloggin’ Sometimes there’s a bona fide advantage to being […]
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